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Entry-level Rope Climbing Kit

Example of Kit in Use Buckingham Tree Saddle Rope Setup Flipline Kit Throwline Kit Tree Climber’s Companion Canvas Gear Bag
Entry-level Rope Climbing Kit image

Entry-level Rope Climbing Kit

Buy Entry-level Rope Climbing Kit

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Buckingham Split-Suspension Waist Sizes SM: 28”-32” MD: 32”-36” LG: 36”-40” XL: 40”-44”

We've put this kit together to be the best starting kit on the market. We believe that entry-level climbers still need good equipment. This kit is full of rugged, dependable climbing gear that gets the job done without extra bells and whistles. This is our recommended kit for entry-level climbers who have a limited budget but nonetheless want quality equipment.

This kit has everything you need to safely enter the tree by using the body thrust method on doubled rope. This rope climbing kit is simple to set up and get started with, and comes with the Tree Climber's companion, which is an essential guide to knots, techniques, safety, and gear for beginning climbers. The harness features wide, padded back support and leather-lined sit sling - a big step up over the cotton canvas belts many climbers start with.


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Entry-level Rope Climbing Kit Video

This video explains the basic setup of the type of tree climbing gear included in this kit. Please note that some items may have been updated in the kit since this video was made. This video is only meant as a general guideline in the type of items in the kit and general usage notes. Check current kit contents and updated photographs on this page if you wish to verify exact kit items.

Your kit will contain:

  • Split-Suspension Harness
  • 150' Arbor-Plex Rope
  • RIT Prusik
  • 2 x CR Pulley
  • 2 x RockO Carabiners
  • 12’ x 1/2” Flipline
  • 28” Bail Out Prusik
  • Pirate Carabiner
  • Excel Throw Line
  • 10 & 12 oz Throw Weights
  • Line Mug
  • Tree Climber’s Companion
  • Canvas Gear Bag

More Information

  • Buckingham saddles are made in the U.S.A. from rugged materials
  • Wide-backed saddles feature improved padding and back support
  • Adjustable flipline included in the kit gives the climber an extra point of attachment to the tree
  • The included split tail set-up includes a micro pulley for easy slack tending
  • Kit can be used to ascend and descend
  • Throw line kit (now including two throw weights) provides an easy way to install the rope in the tree
  • Rock Exotica carabiners have superior, pull-down gate action & manufacturing
  • The included Tree Climber’s Companion is richly illustrated and explains tree terms, knots, and safe climbing practices using the equipment in this kit


Safety and Technical Information

  • The included wide back saddle is intended for work positioning and not intended for use as a fall-arrest harness
  • Arbor-Plex rope has a breaking strength of 6,000 lb. and meets the safety requirements for climbing line
  • The Rock Exotica RockO carabiners included are double-locking and have a breaking strength of 6,075 lb. (27kN)
  • Regular inspection of all equipment should be performed by a trained professional
  • Adherence to the ANSI Z133.1 2006 safety requirements for Arboricultural Operations is highly recommended.


Additional Recommendations:

This kit contains all the basic equipment necessary to climb a tree without spurs, and can be built on with some of the upgrades below for additional climbing techniques. If you are climbing a tree to remove it, one of our spur climbing kits may work better for you. Entry Level Rope Climbing Kit Savings Breakdown

Customer Reviews

Rated: Excellent Review by: Saw Dust Gang Member

“I'm a noob, but the staff has very helpful with answers to my questions. They're exceptionally easy to work with and very customer friendly. The climbing kit components are all top notch and are of high quality. I have five dead ash tees. I bought the kit to remove some branches first before felling the trees. Otherwise if left on the tree they could damage other trees/bushes on the property on the way down. As a noob to be a bit safer I also bought a set of spurs and a friction saver. Oh, and to save a lot of time and to reach higher branches, a big shot launcher. Everything has worked great. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Mike & Sommer

“This kit is great for us beginners. Within an hour we were off the ground enjoying our new hobby.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Al

“We ordered this kit for some additional tree work we were doing on our property and quite frankly we should have bought it sooner. After spending dollars elsewhere for equipment that really wasn't suited for the job we bought this one...WOW! It really is a complete tree kit all you need is your PPE and a saw! The best thing was that if an item in the kit needs to be upgraded just call WesSpur before you order and they will swap it out for you - no problem. Have to agree with the first review for simplicity and price this is quite a bargain.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Arboristnoob

“While I have not purchased this kit yet, I have looked up each contained item seperately. I've done the math, and this kit is $400, compared to $739 for each of the contents separately. That's a $339 savings! This kit is definitely a good deal! ”

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