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SRT Climbing Kits

These kits provide all the gear needed for various SRT (Single Rope Technique) Climbing Systems in a single package. See the WesSpur catalog for more information on adding SRT climbing to your tree climbing techniques.

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Hybrid Ropewalker Kit with Floating Knee Ascender

Hybrid Ropewalker Kit with Floating Knee Ascender

with Hitch Hiker
with Rope Wrench
with Unicender
with Roperunner

These Hybrid Ropewalker kits take full advantage of the newest SRT climbing gear to get you in the canopy fast, with a built-in discount on the gear. Each kit comes with one of 4 SRT ascent devices (Hitch Hiker, Rope Wrench, Unicender or Roperunner), Weaver Chest box, any tethers/connectors required for your device, Turbo foot and Floating Knee ascenders. This gives you the hardware to setup a ropewalker system that will let you ascend single line with speed and ease.

(This kit comes with the Hybrid device of your selection, not all four. All four are pictured for illustration purposes only.)

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Basic Ropewalker Upgrade

Right Hand / Left Foot
Left Hand / Right Foot

This upgrade to the rope climbing starter kits enables the user to climb in the Single Rope Technique (SRT) using ascenders. This is useful for long ascents. With the gear in this kit, the user can set up a system where the climber alternates between standing on the foot ascender and the foot strap. Alternating in this method makes climbing the rope a lot like climbing a ladder.

Kit Contains: CMI hand ascender and foot ascender (choice of right or left), ascender foot strap, delta link, standard figure 8, and 7 feet of Sterling 8mm cord that can be used to tie a prusik.

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Rope Wrench Kit

Rope Wrench Kit


The Rope Wrench grants smooth, precise control to the climber, and is an excellent tool for working the tree in SRT, saving time switching between SRT & DdRT systems. All the hardware you need to experience the Rope Wrench is in this kit. You'll want to have a way to tend the Rope Wrench. A trick using gear you already have is to run a lanyard over your shoulder and clip it into the Hitch Climber.

Kit contains: Rope Wrench ZK-2 (ASC179), Stiff Tether, Hitch Climber Pulley (PUL120), CT Right Foot Ascender (ASC185), Sterling RIT 9mm Eye-to-Eye Prusik (CLI339), DMM XSRE carabiner (CAR318 - colors may vary), Petzl Torse strap (SAD405), Delta Link (HAR117).

Rope Wrench SRT Kits Video by Niceguydave

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The RADS (Rapid Ascent/Descent System) kit is a simple single rope system which allows the user to easily ascend a single rope with mechanical advantage. With the Petzl Rig installed, the climber is always ready to descend simply by removing the handled ascender, switching from ascent to descent quickly and with minimal fuss.

Kit contains: Petzl Basic Ascender, 1/4" Delta Link, Revolver Carabiner, Foot Strap, RockO Carabiner, Petzl Rig.

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Texas Climbing Kit

Texas Climbing Kit


The simplest canopy-entry method lets the climber ascender with a simple sit-stand motion. Both footstraps clip into one ascender. The daisy chain is used as an adjustable tether.

Kit contains CMI Expedition ascenders x 2 (left/right), RockO Carabiners x 2, Ascender foot straps x 2, Delta links x 2, and 1 x 54" daisy chain.

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