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OREGON® Chainsaw Chain

WesSpur stocks OREGON® chainsaw chain, bars, and accessories. Below you will see our current selection of stocked chains. We will be adding more chains to our selection, and you can fill out the form below to make suggestions or join our mailing list to be updated when new chains arrive.

OREGON® cutting chain is used as original equipment by 90 percent of the world's chainsaw manufacturers and by most of the world's professional loggers, farmers, and homeowners. OREGON® provides users: advanced manufacturing materials - innovative product features, and outstanding quality that maximizes the high value built into chainsaws - cutting chain that stays sharper longer than most saw users ever expect, but is easy to resharpen when the time comes - cutting chain that's made in many types and sizes to match the power of most saws, and the kinds of use for which each saw is designed - cutting chain that has lubrication, low-vibration, and low-kickback safety features built right in.

oregon chainsaw chains

OREGON® 72LGX Full-comp Chain - 3/8” Pitch, .050 Gauge

66 DL - 18” Bar
72 DL - 20” Bar
84 DL - 24” Bar
91 DL - 28” Bar
93 DL - 28” Husky
105 DL - 32” Bar
1640 DL -100' Roll

OREGON® 72LGX chainsaw chain is professional, high-performance chain with a full complement of cutters. It cuts very smoothly, particularly in hardwoods. This series of saw chain is only for professionals who demand saw chain that delivers high performance. Best for high-production cutting. Use with gasoline-powered saws 3.0 to 6.0 cu. in. (50 to 100 cc) and bar lengths 12 in. to 36 in. (30 to 91 cm).

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OREGON® 72JGX Skip-Tooth Chain - 3/8" Pitch, .050 Gauge

91 DL - 28” Bar
93 DL - 28” Husky
105 DL - 32” Bar
1640 DL -100' Roll

OREGON® JGX chainsaw chain is the skip-tooth version of the popular LGX chain. Skip-tooth chains have a cutter every two tie straps, which make them good for bars over 28" and cutting in soft wood. The skip-tooth pattern clears the cut faster and reduces drag on long bars. It is more susceptible to kickback, so use caution.

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OREGON® 91VXL Top Handle Saw Chain - 3/8” Pitch, .050 Gauge

50 DL - 14” Bar
52 DL - 14” Bar
55 DL - 16” Bar
56 DL - 16” Bar
1640 DL -100' Roll

91VXL is the most popular chain for small climbing saws. Recommended for gasoline-powered saws 2.5 cu. in. and smaller. OREGON® 91VXL saw chain features top performing Chamfer Chisel cutters. The twin corners of the cutters on 91VXL chain deliver superior performance on the many popular saws which use low-profile 3/8" pitch chain. Features Long cutter top plate, advanced grind geometry, improved out-of-box grind, aggressive cutting edge with a forgiving sharpening profile and good stay-sharp. Ideal for smaller, gas-powered saws.

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OREGON® 20LPX Saw Chain - .325” Pitch, .050 Gauge

66 DL - 16” Bar
72 DL - 18” Bar
78 DL - 20” Bar
1848 DL -100' Roll

The Super series .325" chains combine low weight with fast-working round-ground cutters. High performance, with smooth cutting action. For gas-powered saws from 2.3 to 3.8 cu. in.

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100’ Reels of OREGON® Saw Chain

Ordering Saw Chain by 100’ Spool

Chain Pitch Gauge Drive Links Item Price Order
20 LPX .325" .050 1852 CHA124
72 LGX .375" (3/8") .050 1640 CHA119
73 LGX .375" (3/8") .058 1640 CHA148
75 LGX .375" (3/8") .063 1640 CHA130
72 JGX .375" (3/8") .050 1640 CHA127
73 JGX .375" (3/8") .058 1640 CHA128
75 JGX .375" (3/8") .063 1640 CHA129
91VXL .375" (3/8") .050 1640 CHA135

With the right tools for breaking and spinning chainsaw chain you can save substantially by buying 100’ reels of saw chain and making your own loops.

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