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Oregon 72LGX Saw Chain

Oregon 72LGX Saw Chain Oregon Super Guard Saw Chain
Oregon 72LGX Saw Chain image

Oregon 72LGX Saw Chain

Buy Oregon 72LGX Saw Chain

66 DL - 18” Bar
72 DL - 20” Bar
84 DL - 24” Bar
91 DL - 28” Bar
93 DL - 28” Husky
105 DL - 32” Bar
1640 DL -100' Roll

OREGON® 72LGX chainsaw chain is professional, high-performance chain with a full complement of cutters. It cuts very smoothly, particularly in hardwoods. This series of saw chain is only for professionals who demand saw chain that delivers high performance. Best for high-production cutting. Use with gasoline-powered saws 3.0 to 6.0 cu. in. (50 to 100 cc) and bar lengths 12 in. to 36 in. (30 to 91 cm).

cha103, cha104, cha105, cha106, cha116, cha156, cha119

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Oregon Super Guard Info Oregon Super Guard Info

Kickback Advisory

72LGX, 73LGX, and 75LGX are yellow-label chains. Though these chains have ramped depth gauges which reduce kickback energies, these are NOT low-kickback chains. These chains should be used ONLY by individuals with experience and specialized training for dealing with kickback.

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