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Carabiners, Rope Clips and Links

Tree work requires a broad range of connectors for use in your personal climbing setup and also in your tree rigging gear. If you are looking for a connection in your climbing system, you will want a Double-Locking carabiner or an Double-Locking rope clip to climb trees in accordance with safety guidelines. If you are looking for stronger connectors for use in your rigging system, steel carabiners are available on both the Double-Locking carabiners and screw-locking carabiners page, and we have many steel shackles and links.

Carabiners or connectors which are used for rigging should never be used for your personal climbing system!

Need help selecting the right carabiner for your application? Contact WesSpur online 24/7 or give us a call.

At WesSpur we want to be your tree gear suppliers for life. We are about great gear, great prices, and great service.

Tree Climbing Carabiners by Brand
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Tree Climbing Carabiners
Double Locking Carabiners

Double-Locking carabiners are required to meet ANSI standards for tree care operations. These carabiners have 5,000 lb. or more breaking strengths, and are suitable for life support.

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Tree Climbing Carabiners
Screw Locking Carabiners

Screw locking carabiners are perfect for rigging and setting up redirects. We have several high-strength steel carabiners here for rigging purposes, and new swing-gate carabiners.

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Accessory Carabiners
Accessory Carabiners

Non-locking carabiners are perfect for attaching gear to the saddle, clipping tools onto lanyards, and dozens of other uses.

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Rope Clips
Rope Clips

Steel and aluminum rope clips that meet ANSI Z133 locking and strength requirements for life support. An alternative to carabiners.

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Tree clips, links, shackles
Links, Shackles, and Snaps

Swivels, links, clevises and shackles have dozens of uses in tree care operations. We stock stainless steel shackles and swivels for rigging, quick links for making ascender slings, and much more.

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Swivel Connectors
Swivel Connectors

Swivels of all kinds to keep your ropes from twisting & tangling, including swivel shackles, pulleys, & even carabiners.

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Anchor Multipliers
Rigging Plates and More

Petzl, DMM, CMI, & Rock Exotica anchor multipliers and rigging plates as well as steel and aluminum rings.

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Carabiner Accessories
Carabiner Accessories

Carabiner accessories include daisy chains, gear slings, rollers, and other tools which combine with carabiners to help you get the most out of your climbing kit.

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Steel & Aluminum Rings
Steel & Aluminum Rings

Steel and aluminum rings for uses as anchors on your bridge, constructing friction savers, and more.

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