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CAMP Carabiners

CAMP is an Italian company producing climbing and mountaineering gear which makes a welcome addition to the tree climbing world. These carabiners have excellent action, gate spring strength, and are nice and compact.

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Double-Locking Carabiners

CAMP Compact Oval 3Lock Carabiner

CAMP Compact Oval Double-Locking Carabiner

Brk Str 5,395 lb (24 kN) Height 4.06” / 10.3cm Width 2.125” 5.4cm Weight 2.7 oz / 76 g Gate .67” / 17mm (key lock)

The compact CAMP oval is a a very nice size for a carabiner that needs to be strong enough to climb on, but take up as little room as possible. The symmetrical shape makes it nice for organizing your hitch-climbing systems and keeping things nicely in line. Features a 3-step (push up, twist, pull back) double-locking gate with great action.

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Screw-locking Carabiners

CAMP Steel Oval Screw Lock Carabiner

CAMP Steel Oval Screw Lock Carabiner

Brk Str 5,620 lb (25 kN) Height tbd ” Width tbd ” Weight 5.8 oz / 165 g Gate tbd” (pin lock)

CAMP's steel oval screw-gate carabiner is a very compact, symmetrical carabiner. Zinc plated for extra resistance to the elements. Great for mechanical advantage systems, rescue, slide lines, and more.

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Non-Locking Carabiners & Connectors

CAMP Nano Wire-Gate Carabiner

CAMP Nano Wire-Gate Carabiner

Brk Str 4,496 lb (20 kN) Height 3.375” /9.5 cm Width 2"” / 5.1 cm Weight .8 oz 23 g Gate .82”/ 21mm (wire gate)

Super-light wire-gate carabiner with an impressive 20 kN strength and absolutely top-notch action. The spring on the gate mechanism is very good.

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CAMP Fifi Aluminum Hook

Fifi Aluminum Hook


Lightweight, small-profile aluminum hook. Borrowed from rock climbing, this hook is finding use as a connector for tending your hybrid system.

Anodized aluminum, weighs 14g / .5 oz.

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