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CAMP Carabiners

CAMP is an Italian company producing climbing and mountaineering gear which makes a welcome addition to the tree climbing world. These carabiners have excellent action, gate spring strength, and are nice and compact.

Video Overview of CAMP Carabiners by Niceguydave

Tree Access Evo by CAMP

Evo Size 1
Evo Size 2
32cm Spare Bridge
37cm Spare Bridge
GT Chest Harness Size 1
GT Chest Harness Size 2

Every feature of the Tree Access Evo has been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding tree climbers!

Innovative mobile bridge system manufactured from 10.5 mm semi-static rope covered with tubular webbing for the best durability. Two loops on the ends of the bridge create extra points for positioning. The adjustable connections to the waist belt allow the user to fine-tune the height of the bridge in order to optimize the position while hanging. The waist belt and leg loops are made of ergonomic thermoformed padding to offer broad structural support and are connected by optimally spaced connection straps that give the harness a precise and comfortable fit.

With the GT Chest harness with front and back connection points, makes a full body fall arrest harness.

Weighs about 4.3 lb (size 1).

  • Size 1: 31-47” Waist, 19.7-25.6”Legs
  • Size 2: 35-55” Waist, 23.6-29.5”Legs

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Double-Locking Carabiners

CAMP Compact Oval 3Lock Carabiner

CAMP Compact Oval Double-Locking Carabiner

Brk Str 5,395 lb (24 kN) Height 4.06” / 10.3cm Width 2.125” 5.4cm Weight 2.7 oz / 76 g Gate .67” / 17mm (key lock)

The compact CAMP oval is a a very nice size for a carabiner that needs to be strong enough to climb on, but take up as little room as possible. The symmetrical shape makes it nice for organizing your hitch-climbing systems and keeping things nicely in line. Features a 3-step (push up, twist, pull back) double-locking gate with great action.

Screw-locking Carabiners

CAMP Steel Oval Screw Lock Carabiner

CAMP Steel Oval Screw Lock Carabiner

Brk Str 5,620 lb (25 kN) Height tbd ” Width tbd ” Weight 5.8 oz / 165 g Gate tbd” (pin lock)

CAMP's steel oval screw-gate carabiner is a very compact, symmetrical carabiner. Zinc plated for extra resistance to the elements. Great for mechanical advantage systems, rescue, slide lines, and more.

Non-Locking Carabiners & Connectors

CAMP Nano Wire-Gate Carabiner

CAMP Nano Wire-Gate Carabiner

Brk Str 4,496 lb (20 kN) Height 3.375” /9.5 cm Width 2"” / 5.1 cm Weight .8 oz 23 g Gate .82”/ 21mm (wire gate)

Super-light wire-gate carabiner with an impressive 20 kN strength and absolutely top-notch action. The spring on the gate mechanism is very good.

CAMP Fifi Aluminum Hook

Fifi Aluminum Hook


Lightweight, small-profile aluminum hook. Borrowed from rock climbing, this hook is finding use as a connector for tending your hybrid system.

Anodized aluminum, weighs 14g / .5 oz. Colors may vary.

Naiad Pro Pulley by CAMP

Naiad Pro Pulley by CAMP


This high-strength, multifunctional pulley is excellent ofr mechanical advantage, complex operations, and for use as a carriage in slide-linging. The Naiad has a large wheel, main attachment hole that accommodates three carabiners, two secondary holes on the sides, and a large becket. This pulley has prusik-minding edges on both sides. Sealed ball bearings for high efficiency and intensive use at high speed. Aluminum alloy body and wheel, stainless steel axle.

Rope capacity 16mm (5/8”), 97% Efficiency, Max Breaking Load 46 kN (10,340 lb), Working Load Limit 10 kN (2,248 lb), Weighs 300 g (10.58 oz).

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