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ANSI-Rated Carabiners

Many climbers are turning to carabiners that meet the ANSI z359 standard for Fall Arrest Systems. This standard puts a minimum strength requirement on all axes of the carabiner, including when side-loaded. This minimum rating msut meet or exceed 3,600 lbs (16 kN). The carabiner and gate must have this rating marked, and the body must have this rating and the minor axis load rating.

Oxan steel locking carabiner

Petzl Oxan H-Frame Tri-Act ANSI Carabiner

Brk Str 8,542 lb (38 kN) Height 4.25” Width 2.5” Weight 7.5 oz Gate .79” (key lock)

Symmetrical steel carabiner with Tri-Act gate and improved, H-frame design. Rated at 8,542 lb. (38 kN).

Certified: CE EN 362, ANSI Z359.12, NFPA 1983 Technical Use, CSA Z259.12, EAC

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Vulcan steel locking carabiner

Petzl Vulcan Tri-Act ANSI Carabiner

Brk Str 9,000 lb (40 kN) Height 4.25” Width 3” Weight 10 oz Gate 1.2” (key lock)

High-strength, steel carabiner with TriAct gate. Rated at 9,000 lb. (40 kN).

Certifications: CE EN 362, ANSI Z359.1, NFPA 1983 General Use, CSA Z259.12, EAC

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Compact Steel D Double-Locking Carabiner

Compact Steel D Double-Locking Carabiner

Brk Str 11,250 lb (50 kN) Height 4.5” Width 3.25” Weight 10 oz Gate .75” (key lock)

This popular item is compact and high-strength at a great price.

Certifications: ANSI z359.1

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SMC ANSI Safety Lock

SMC ANSI Safety Lock

Brk Str 10,340 lb (46kN) Height 5” Width 3” Weight 11.5 oz Gate 1.2” (pin lock)

This carabiner features an ANSI Z359.1 compliant gate break strength of 16kN to meet all your OSHA compliance issues. Made in the U.S.A.

Certifications: NFPA1983, ANSI z359.12.

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