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Tree Cable and Bracing Supplies

WesSpur stocks everything you need to complete a successful installation of a tree support system to reinforce a tree's structure. We stock both traditional tree cabling supplies, the Rigguy wire stops, and non-invasive Tree Guard support systems.

Cabling Terminations Comparison Video

This video by Niceguydave covers some of the benefits of different cabling terminations.

Tree Guard tree support sling Tree Guard Dynamic Cabling

Noninvasive, dynamic cabling material that is easy to install.

Rigguy Wire Stops Rigguy Wire Stops

Compact tools for installing wire cabling systems in trees.

wedge-Grip Dead-Ends Wedge-Grip Dead-Ends

Super-quick way to terminate cable installations.

Traditional Cabling Tools Wire-Rope Cabling Supplies

Wire cabling tools, tree grips, j lags, cable clips, and more.

Duckbill Ground Anchors Duckbill Earth Anchors

Anchor trees and other objects in soil.

Cabling Terminations Comparison Video Cabling Comparison Video

Informative video overview of the different cabling systems.

New Tree Gear New Tree Gear

Check out the newest tree gear in the WesSpur shop.

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