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Tree Climbing & Tree Work Boots

Regular work boots just don't cut it for tree climbing. We carry a selection of excellent boots specifically selected for spurring or spurless climbing. When running a saw, you'll want great work boots with top-notch chainsaw protection.

A good spur climbing boot will greatly increase your comfort while climbing, with protection for your leg from the spur and shank for foot support and comfort while in the stirrup. Good spur climbing boots reduce your fatigue and discomfort while spurring and help keep your mind on the job - that increases your comfort and your safety while spurring the tree.

A good boot for rope climbing a tree will help you footlock or climb with a foot ascender, and give you grip, comfort, and support while moving through the canopy.

HAIX Protector Ultra Boots HAIX Protector Ultra Chainsaw Boots

Class 2 chainsaw protection, steel safety toe, Vibram sole. Excellent support & safety.

Scaffel Lite Boots Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boots

Class 2 chainsaw protection, steel safety toe, Vibram sole. Excellent support & safety.

Clip 'n' Step Boots Clip 'n' Step Boots

Innovative climbing boot with ascender-loop and MEGAGRIP sole.

Evo 2 Boots Evo 2 Boots

High-performance climbing boot with ascender loop and optimal design.

Tango VI Climbing Boots Tango VI Climbing Boots

Built for tree climbing, the Tango VI is more robust than the Tango Light.

Tango Light Climbing Boots Tango Light Climbing Boots

Lightweight, durable, and comfortable boots built by Drayer.

Shop for Wesco Highliners Wesco Highliners

Highliners are built for the serious spur climber.

Oboz Windriver II Bdry Boots Oboz Windriver III Bdry Boots

Fantastic waterproof hiking boots that climb right into the tree with ease.

Shop for Wesco Jobmasters Wesco Jobmasters

Incredibly constructed work boots ideal for groundwork.

Boot Accessories Boot Care

Boot care essentials, including oils, laces, etc.

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