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Tree Felling Books

Here you will find books on safe tree felling and the evaluation of trees to be felled, as well as other urban foresting topics. Stay tuned for the release of Jeff Jepson's “To Fell a Tree” in Summer 2009.

To Fell A Tree, By Jeff Jepson


To Fell a Tree was written for the professional tree cutter as well as the weekend woodcutter. If you intend to fell a tree and cut it up for firewood, pulpwood, lumber, or food for the wood chipper, this is the book for you. It’s loaded with practical and interesting information which is essential to the safety and success of any tree felling and woodcutting operation, whether it’s in the forest or the backyard.
To Fell a Tree is a compact (6 X 9) soft cover book of 160 pages, with over 200 illustrations.

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High Climbers and Timber Fallers

High Climbers and Timber Fallers


Jerry Beranek's book preserves the history of the hardworking folks who made the West what it is today, and chronicles the change from old growth logging to second growth management. Lots of these jobs are incredible and have to be seen to be believed. This book is packed with stories, photos, and history from the last 30 years. A great read, with many-full page (9x12”) photos.
303 pages, hardcover,color photos.

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Green Log Weight Chart

Green Log Weight Chart


The green log weight chart is a handy quick reference guide to 66 different tree species with weights per cubic foot as well as weights of one foot trunk/limb sections for 14 to 72 inches in diameter. Refer to this chart when rigging down large sections of trees either by rope or crane.

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Evaluating Tree Defects Book

Evaluating Tree Defects


This compact photo guide explores the common ways trees fail and how to spot and evaluate the severity of the defect and the danger it may pose to the community or your climber.
26 pages, heavy card stock, spiral bound and laminated.

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