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Harness Tool Pouches and Saddle Bags

Small bags for carrying hardware, throw lines, an extra lanyard, or lunch on your tree climbing harness. We have small pouches great for carrying extra carabiner, ascenders, and other hardware, and a larger lanyard pouch great for carrying extra-long positioning lanyards or even a sling and block.

ArbPro Bucket Bag

ArbPro Bucket Bag New in 2018!

5 Liter (Red)
8 Liter (Green)

Made with thick 680 gr/m2 PVC material. Plastic inserts to keep the bag upright when empty. Drawstring top with cordlock so no chance of losing tools. 2 webbing handles, and webbing loop on back for suspension. Great size for carrying tools, throw line, redirects, and more.

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Tsuga Diddy Bag

Tsuga Diddy Bag New in 2018!


Super-durable, American-made utility bag.

  • 3 liters
  • 3 external slip pockets
  • Constructed from durable 180z vinyl
  • Pockets made of 600d coated polyester
  • Reinforced outer seams with 600 D binding
  • Twin adjustable straps on rear for attaching to harness

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Tsuga Diddy Bag Deluxe

Tsuga Diddy Bag Deluxe New in 2018!


Super-durable, American-made utility bag.

  • 3 liters
  • Constructed from durable 180z vinyl
  • Pockets made of 600d coated polyester
  • Reinforced outer seams with 600 D binding
  • Hammer Holster Loop
  • Tear Drop Loop (for clipping a carabiner)
  • Snap Strap Closer system

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Tsuga Pole Pig

Tsuga Pole Pig New in 2018!


Super-durable, American-made utility bag.

  • 16 liters
  • Main body constructed of durable 18oz coated vinyl
  • 1 Pocket
  • Double layered Reinforced rigid bottom system
  • Rigid ring opening
  • Heavy duty full strength haul / handle strap
  • Center tacked loop to prevent tipping of heavy tools/hardware

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Petzl Toolbag


Petzl's Toolbags are heavy-duty pouches ideal for storing small or large tools, lanyards, cabling hardware, and so forth. Attaches to the harness easily with a carabiner ring in the center. Each bag features a wide webbing reinforcement at the top, and a heavy-duty synthetic bottom. Each bag closes with a cordlock cinch, so you won't lose anything on your climb. The large pouch has two zippers which can be drawn down to extend the volume of the pouch for larger tools. Small fits 2.5 liters and is 6.75" tall, large fits twice as much - 5 liters - and is 11" tall.

Video Overview of Petzl Toolbags by Niceguydave

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DMM Tool Bag

DMM Tool Bag

6l Tool Bag

The new DMM Tool Bags are designed for climbers to have easy access to their critical tools. Easy opening top and semi-rigid 'Equal D' cylinder shape make it simple in use. Multiple clipping and racking options help keep dropped object potential to a minimum.

DMM Rope and Tool Bags Information Sheet - PDF file.

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Saddle Lanyard Pouch

Saddle Lanyard Pouch


Heavy-duty bag easily holds 35' lanyards or a flipline kit, sling & block, etc. We brought on this lanyard pouch due to the rising popularity of carrying an extra-long secondary lanyard like the CE Lanyard for work positioning. This pouch is great for storing such systems, which are often used over-the-shoulder to help tend devices like the Rope Wrench while ascending, then fully deployed to work the tree. Attaches anywhere with 2 Malice clips (included). The best pouch around! Made in the U.S.A.

Video Overview of the Saddle Lanyard Pouch by Niceguydave.

Bag dimensions: 8.5" x 6.5" x 4"

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New Tribe Line Mug

New Tribe Line Mug


This compact line mug stores up to 150' of throwline or small tools. Line pays out smoothly when you throw, and stuffs back in when you're finished. The Line mug has an external D ring at the rim for attachment to your saddle, and a swivel snap hook for clipping to your belt while stuffing line. There is an internal webbing loop for tying off the end of your throwline, and a webbing handle on the side. Drawstring closure at the top. Holds up to 150' of throwline. 5 3/4” tall by 4 1/2” in diameter. Weighs 5 oz.

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Arborist Gear Bag

Climb Bucket without Zipper


Handy open pouch with ring for attachment to saddle. Open top keeps your gear at-hand and easily-accessible.

Bag dimensions: 8” x 11” x 2”

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Arborist Gear Bag

Climb Bucket with Zipper


The New Tribe Climb Bucket snaps securely into the saddle belt webbing and stays upright while climbing. Zipper top keeps your gear safe and debris-free. Rigid webbing attachment strap secures with Velcro and a steel snap.

Bag dimensions: 6” x 10” x 2.5”

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Weaver Ditty Pouch

Weaver Saddle Ditty Pouch


Elastic top helps keep branches and debris out and tools in. Two rings with clips on back for attachment.

Bag dimensions: 9" x 8" x 5"

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Arborist Gear Bag

Buckingham Ditty Bag

With Ring
With Clips

Buckingham ditty bag attaches to the saddle to keep essential gear close at hand. No-zipper top with elastic flaps keeps debris out and gear in (and easily accessible). Choose between single ring on back or two clips for attachment to saddle.

Bag dimensions: 9” x 10” x 3”

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Accessory Pouch

Throw Line Storage / Ditty Bag


This great little accessory pouch is usually sold with our arborist throw lines, but it makes a great ditty bag. A steel ring on the back attaches easily to any saddle snap. Drawstring closure keeps needles, dust, and chips out and your gear firmly in. A great bag for carrying Throw line, carabiners, or lunch. 6 3/4" tall x 5 1/4" wide. Made in the U.S.A.

Colors may vary. Leave us a note in the comments field to request a specific color (colors limited to stock on hand).

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Bandage Pouch with Long Malice Clips

Bandage Pouch with Malice Clips

Pouch with Short Clips
Pouch with Long Clips

Custom-made Cordura pouch for the Israeli Emergency Compression Bandage. 6elcro close can be opened one-handed in emergencies. Included Malice clips (2) can be used to attach to any gear attachment point on a saddle. Choose between horizontal mount (short clips) or vertical mount (long clips).

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First Aid Pouch for Arborist Saddles

First Aid Pouch


Snap on back, Velcro closure. Perfect size for an emergency compress.

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Arborist Gear Bag

2 Pocket Pouch


Black canvas pouch, great for bolts, knives, carabiners, etc. Slides over belt to attach.

Bag dimensions: 8” x 6 1/2” x 2”

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Aztek Pro Bag

Aztek Pro Bag


The Aztek Pro bag is built to house the Aztek Elite System, and may be of interest to climbers wishing to organize critical tools and take advantage of the bag's tactical drop-leg configuration. The components of the Aztek stack in the Pro Bag to keep the profile narrow. The pro bag has a zippered bottom for easy access to the edge restraint. In addition to the main compartment, the Pro Bag has an external pocket and Molle webbing which can be customized with carabiners, Malice clips, or other attachments.

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