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Wraptor Gas-Powered Ascender image

Wraptor Gas-Powered Ascender

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Wraptor by RopeTek

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Temporarily Unavailable

The highly-anticipated, revamped Wraptor is now available! Due to high demand, this item sells out fast when we get each shipment in; be sure to reserve yours now!

Upgraded in 2017 from a 2-stroke to a 4-stroke motor, and now runs on gasoline instead of a mix. Production tree crews that face long climbs can not make a better equipment investment than the Wraptor. The Wraptor will be used every day, and can allow a crew to operate more efficiently. Ascender with the Wraptor saves wear and tear on the body, decreases fatigue, and increases production by allowing the climber to reach the working height fresh and ready to go.

Small tree care companies that work in big trees, especially on the West coast are passing on a great advantage if they don't own a Wraptor. Here in the Pacific Northwest, where spurless climbing can take you to 130' or more, A Wraptor is a no brainer! With the Wraptor on your crew, it's easier to get journeyman level climbers to climb spurless, and it's the ideal way for transitioning old-school spur climbers to spurless climbing.

Using the Wraptor is simple. Use conventional rope installation method as you would for an SRT climb, but replace arduous SRT techniques with this ascender - squeeze the throttle and up you go. Progress is captured by the unit's sheave as you ascend, and backed up with an CMI Ropewalker ascender on the line. After making your ascent, the Wraptor can be lowered and the climber is free to work the tree with their preferred work positioning system. The Wraptor unit also has emergency escape feature, which is explained in the Wraptor video below.


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Customer Reviews

Rated: Excellent Review by: Richard J Hutchinson

“Great! One of the best tools we ever bought.”

Your Box will Contain

  • Wraptor Unit
  • CMI Ropewalker
  • Auto-locking Carabiner
  • 150’ of Wraptor Rope
  • Rope Bag


  • Compact, gasoline-powered, 4-stroke motor
  • Gear reduction system
  • 300 lb lift capacity
  • Ascension rates of up to 100 feet per minute
  • Dry Weight: 24 lb
  • Runs thousands of feet of rope on one tank
  • Built-in fail-safes
  • Integrated emergency retreat system
  • EPA compliant
  • 4-stroke Engine
  • Runs straight gasoline (instead of mixed)

Safety & Technical Information

RopeTek Instruction Manual for the Wraptor


Wraptor Demo Video (vide by Gerry Beranek)

This video demonstrates the Wraptor ascender (older model) in use and shows how it functions from a users's eye view.


West Coast Get Together (video by Gerry Beranek)

Get a first-hand view of the Wraptor (older model) in this video where about 50 arborists and tree care professionals put the Wraptor through its paces.

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