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Ascenders and Rope Grabs

Looking for an easier way to ascend rope? WesSpur has the right ascender system for you.

You'll find hand and foot ascenders, as well ascender slings below, as well as great devices like the Lockjack or Unicender which can be used both to ascend and descend. For rapid ascending, checkout the gas-powered Wraptor - nothing gets you up a line faster!

Need help selecting the right ascender for you? Contact WesSpur online or give us a call.

We guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase.

Hand and Foot Ascenders Handled Ascenders

Handled ascenders, double-handled ascenders, basic ascenders, and chest ascenders for your climbing system.

Shop for Ascenders

picture of ascender sling foot stirrup Ascender Slings & Accessories

Foot slings, tethers, harnesses, and other related gear for getting the most out of your ascender systems.

Shop for Ascender Slings

foot ascender Foot and Knee Ascenders

Foot and knee ascenders let your legs do the work of climbing, increasing speed and efficiency.

Foot & Knee Ascenders

Rope Grabs Rope Grabs

You'll find a wide range of rope grabs, quick release rope grabs, emergency rope grabs and and non-handled ascenders including the Ropeman, Descender, and Microcender.

Shop for Rope Grabs

Wraptor Gas Ascender Wraptor

The Ropetek Wraptor is a gas-powered ascender which can lift a fully loaded climber at an incredible pace! If you have long ascents ahead of you, you must check out this device!

Shop for the Wraptor

Mechanical Friction Hitches Mechanical Friction Devices

A selection of modern mechanical devices to replace or augment friction hitches, including the Rope Wrench, Hitch Hiker, Spider Jack, Unicender, Zigzag and more.

Click here to see all devices

Rope Wrench Rope Wrench

The Rope Wrench takes some of the pressure off of your friction hitch allowing you to climb single rope on your prussik cord. A great invention for SRT climbing. Works best with a Stiffy Tether.

Shop for the Rope Wrench

RopeTek Hitch Hiker RopeTek Hitch Hiker

The RopeTek Hitch Hiker is a great device for Hybrid climbing systems, and improves climbing in both single rope and doubled rope climbing systems.

Shop for RopeTek Hitch Hiker

Unicender Unicender

The Unicender makes ascending and descending smooth, easily controlled, and precise. Travel up or down with equal ease and complete control

Shop for the Unicender

Petzl Zigzag Petzl Zigzag

The Petzl Zigzag is a complete replacement for your prusik, slack tending pulley, and swivel in a doubled rope climbing system. Applies smooth and even friction, and tends easily.

Shop for Petzl Zigzag

Singing Tree Rope Runner Singing Tree Rope Runner

The Singing Tree Rope Runner is a single rope ascent and descent device for 11-13mmm 24-strand ropes. The Rope Runner provides smooth control of the rate of descent for the climber on single, 24-strand line.

Shop for Singing Tree Rope Runner

Lockjack Ascender Lockjack & SpiderJack

Lockjacks and SpiderJacks work both as an ascender and descender to move up or down the line with the smoothest action and most control possible.

Shop for Lockjack & SpiderJack

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