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Ascender Foot straps, Slings, and Tethers

Here you will find a variety of ascender slings, tethers, and foot straps to use with handled or chest ascenders in your SRT climbing system. Adjustable foot straps attach to the lower holes in single or double hand ascenders.

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Ascender Foot Strap

Ascender Foot Strap by Singing Rock


Adjustable, heavy-duty stitched nylon ascender foot strap with 1/4" delta link shackle. See the Tree Climbers' Companion for information on ascenders & slings. Sold individually.

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Petzl Footcord Ascender Foot Strap

Petzl Footcord Ascender Foot Strap


The Petzl Footcord is a lightweight, compact, and easily adjustable foot ascender strap which can be girth-hitched directly to your ascender or used with a carabiner or quick link. The Footcord is a more compact foot loop, as it is primarily cord with a reinforced webbing step. Adjustment of the Footcord is provide through a a tiny plate through which the cord passes. Pull through more or less cord to adjust the overall length of the strap to fit the tree climber. Cutting out bulky buckles and webbing let's this cord easily stuff into a pocket or pouch and brings the weight down to only 45 grams (1.6 oz). Petzl has really done a good job on this on - the minimal design and easy adjustment will make this a favorite for long SRT climbs.

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Yates Speed Stirrup

Yates Speed Stirrup


Fully-adjustable. Simple, clean design dramatically reduces bulk of traditional etriers. 4" wide, heavy-duty vinyl steps. Fully-extended stirrup measures 6' long. Sold individually.

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CMI Footstrap

CMI Footstrap New in 2018!


Strap on this new footstrap and make any pair of shoes or boots able to be used with different climbing systems. The quick adjust buckle ensures the strap stays on and stays tight. The aluminum buckle is anodized bright green and rated to 650lbs. Works well with the a floating knee ascender.

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Petzl Torse Strap for Croll

Petzl Torse Strap for Croll Ascender


Webbing strap enables correct positioning of the Croll chest ascender. Adjusts rapidly using the double-back buckle. Back strap can be unclipped to remove the harness.

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Adjustable Bungee Tether

Adjustable Bungee Tether


By special request, we've brought on the adjustable bungee tether that was originally developed by Buckingham for the Mar-Bar system. Although the Mar-Bar system is no longer manufactured, this tether can be put to use as a replacement part for an existing system or for other adjustable tether needs. Adjusts from approximately 21" to a maximum 36" when fully-extended and stretched.

Made of heavy-duty materials, this tether meets ANSI A10.14 and has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lb. Made in the USA.

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