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Arborwear Tree Climbing Clothing

Do you want your tree climbing clothing to be as tough as the job you do? Look no further - Arborwear brings you tough, practical work clothing designed by tree climbers for tree climbing. Arborwear was started by a tree climber to provide tree climbers with clothing that would stand up to the rigors of tree work.

Arborwear clothing keeps you comfortable while you climb. Whether it is the double front and gusseted crotch of the original tree climber pants or the extra long tail of the original tree climbing shirt, special features and great construction go into every piece of Arborwear clothing to make them just right for tree climbing.

Arborwear Pants
Arborwear Pants

Arborwear Original Tree Climber's pants are rugged and reliable. You'll love the double knee panels, industrial stitching, and gusseted crotch, for the freedom of movement and durability.

Shop for Arborwear Pants.

Arborwear Outerwear
Arborwear Outerwear

Just because the weather turns cold, doesn't mean you stop working! Arborwear realizes that tree climbers work in all conditions. Stay warm with an Arborwear Jacket, Vest, or Sweatshirt.

Shop for Arborwear Outerwear.

Arborwear T Shirts
Arborwear T-Shirts / Performance

Arborwear T-Shirts, Tech-Ts, and Transpiration performance wear give you three great options for casual and work wear.

Shop for Arborwear T-Shirts.

Arborwear Midlayers
Arborwear Midlayers

Arborwear Midlayers are perfect for use as a top layer when it's just chilly, and fit snugly enough that you can layer a jacket over the top of them when it's really flippin' cold.

Shop for Arborwear Midlayers

Arborwear Shirts
Arborwear Shirts

From the cool Transpiration shirts, to the toasty Chagrin flannel, here you'll find Arborwear's shirts that aren't T-shirts.

Shop for Arborwear Shirts.

Arborwear for Women
Arborwear for Women

Arborwear has created women's versions of their tree climbing pants, shirts, vests, and jackets. For the growing number of women climbers; now there's clothing built with you in mind.

Shop Arborwear for Women

Arborwear shorts
Arborwear Shorts

Arborwear shorts are great for hot summer weather. You'll find the Original Tree Climber's shorts as well as the Arborwear Tech shorts and Rockhaven shorts.

Shop for Arborwear Shorts.

Arborwear Hats
Arborwear Hats

Arborwear hats have a formable bill, adjusting strap and low profile. Available in cotton or a waxed water-resistant version.

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