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Climbing Anchors for Stationary Rope Systems (SRS)

Climbing anchors for your Stationary Rope Sytem (SRS - formerly called Single Rope Technique or SRT). Create a bassal or canopy anchor for your climbing system.

CMI Anchor 15’ Sling

15’ Anchor Sling by CMI


CMI Anchor Sling is a simple, versatile, and adjustable sling that you can trust. Made from heavy duty nylon webbing with stitched pockets for an easy and safe connection. Created by a climber for climbers. Original design by Gerry Garcia.

Basal Anchor Sling - Wrap the sling around the base of the tree in a choking configuration with the webbing going through the stainless steel ring, avoiding fiber on fiber contact for longevity. Always clip a ring on the first available pocket to keep a snug connection. Once clipped in, choose a pocket to clip in your climb line. Always be sure to clip into 1 pocket, not 2. The options are endless with this sling; connect straight with a carabiner, or add your favorite lowering device for an easier rescue in the event it's needed.

Pocket Strength: 2,000lb • Overall Strength: 10,000lb • Stainless Steel Ring rated: 10,000lb.

SRT Basal Rope SLing

Basal Rope Sling for SRS

Sling and Prusik
3' Prusik Only
25' Sling Only

These items are made to order, and are typically ready to ship within 48 hours if out of stock.

Useful for quickly building SRS (Stationary Rope System - formerly SRT) anchor systems. The SMC Mini Rigging plates give plenty of anchor options. The sling, itself, is spliced from high-strength Samson Vortex and adjusts with an extra-long Sterling 8mm prusik. Ideal SRT anchor point.

Bugg Anchor Base

Bugg Base Anchor Sling

25' Bugg Anchor Base
Bugg Anchor Rope Only
Ring Prusik Only

These items are made to order, and are typically ready to ship within 48 hours if out of stock.

The Bugg Base basal anchor was developed by Colin Bugg, competition climber and PNW 2012 Champion. It is a very simple basal anchor sling that deploys quickly and comes off the tree very fast. It has two DMM shadow carabiners which allow smooth passage through the large 10,000 lb stainless steel ring. The carabiners on the Bugg Base are set up in line to facilitate using a Petzl Rig or I'd and allow for a back up tie off. The rope sling is made from 7/16" Sterling HTP rope for excellent durability.

Canopy Entry Kit


This package provides you with an excellent SRS canopy entry setup. The SRS Basal Sling is adjustable to its max length of 25', and the 7/16" HTP rope is 300' long - perfect for SRT climbs on big trees. This kit includes the Petzl Small ID descender. Running the HTP through the ID and anchoring it with the Basal Sling provides a way for someone on the ground to lower off the climber. A great setup for climbing SRT- or even hoisting your doubled system up and working the tree in DdRT. All the gear packs neatly into the Conterra Rigging bag.

Kit contains: 300' Sterling HTP 7/16" (HT7130), RockO Carabiners x 3 (CAR136), Basal Rope Anchor with Prusik (CLI501), Petzl Small ID (ASC234), Conterra Rigging Bag (BAG241).

Flint Locker Canopy Anchor

Flint Locker Canopy Anchor

cli219‑7 Pre-order Item

Pre-order item. Reserve your Flint Locker from the first batch due 12/12/19.

Flint Locker canopy anchor. Set from the ground using your throwline and easily retrieve when done. A great way to get your Stationary Rope System anchored in the tree.

Our Flint Locker uses top-shelf components: Small Ring (27mm) from ISC, Large Ring (40mm) from DMM, and 1" flat webbing from Sterling sewn at Iron Street Rope Splicing.


Sirius multiSLING

3.2' / 1m
4.25' / 1.3m

The Sirius multiSLING from Teufelberger is a multi-purpose rope tool built from 10mm Sirius bull rope with a DMM aluminum ring one end and spliced eye the other. This can be used as anchor sling or even a cambium saver if combined with a DMM Revolver carabiner. Can be used single-leg or choked. The multiSLING is very durable and versatile, making it a good addition to your climbing kit. Certified to three standards (EN 795 B, EN 566, and EN 354). MBS 4,496 lbs (22 kN). Weighs 4.9 oz (1m sling) or 5.6 oz (1.3m sling).

Snakeanchor by ART

8' / 250cm
16' / 500cm

ART (Advanced Ropeclimbing Technology) has created the Snakeanchor to serve as an adjustable anchor which can be used as an upper anchor (false crotch or friction saver) or a lower anchor for your SRT climbing. The Snakeanchor is made from doubled cord which is stitched together with openings every 2.7 inch so that a carabiner can be inserted at any point along the length, making it adjustable based on which point you use. ART has used doubled 8mm cord to give the Snakeanchor a wider surface area for better grip and abrasion resistance. An aluminum ring protects the eye at one end. WLL on the Snakeanchor is 2 kN. Available in 8' or 16' lengths.

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