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ARC 2019 Logo

ARC: Aerial Rescue Challenge

September 6th-8th 2019

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Register now as a competitor or volunteer! General volunteers are need to run stopwatches, help with scoring, play victims and more. Volunteer climbing techs are needed to set events and assist with aerial tasks. All participants will get an ARC 2019 shirt and catered lunches. Space for all roles is limited!

Registration is handled through Eventbrite at this link: ARC 2019 Event Registration


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What is ARC?

The Aerial Rescue Challenge (ARC) is a 3-day event focused on growth and learning in Aerial Rescue sharpened through the Challenge of competition. The ARC is the first event of it's kind to bring together professionals from Arboriculture, Industrial Rope Access, and Fire/Rescue. Participants will learn from top industry professionals, compete individually, and vie for places in the Team Competition to compete for cash and prizes.

ARC 2019 Schedule

  • Day 1: Education
    • Speakers and Clinics in Arboriculture, IRA, and Fire/Rescue
  • Day 2: Individual Events
    • 50 climbers participate in individual Aerial Rescue Events
    • Group lunch for all - network across work-at-height disciplines
  • Day 3: Team Competition
    • Top scorers from Day 2 form 3 teams
    • 3 Teams compete in the Masters challenge
    • Prizes awarded

Where is ARC 2019?

ARC 2019 will take place on private property in Burlington, Washington. September in Western Washington is beautiful - long, temperate days and beautiful natural settings will make an amazing backdrop for the Challenge. Stay tuned for the specific location announcement.

How do I stay in the loop?

  1. Sign up for ARC Email (above)
  2. Follow the official ARC Facebook page here

ARC 2019 Instructors & Speakers

ARC Instructor Stephen Connally

Stephen Connally

Stephen Connally is a production climber/ISA-Arborist with 21 years of experience, and the owner at Adaptable Aerial Solutions LLC. He is a Captain/Paramedic-Retired at Norfolk Fire Rescue VA, with 27 years as a First Responder. The majority of his career has been spent on/supervising Technical Rescue/HAZMAT teams. He has presented at numerous industry events, and instructed at the Crane Safety Climber School. CTSP, NCCCO Licensed Crane Operator, TCIA Crane Operations Specialist Instructor. United States Navy, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm Veteran.

ARC 2019 Sponsors

The Aerial Rescue Challenge would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. These industry leaders have our gratitude for stepping up in a big way to make this new event happen!

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